A presumed HSP woman on teh rocks by the ocean gazing out and thrinking about the mangy beit of being an HSP

10 Almost Unbelievable Benefits Of Being A Highly Sensitive Person

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 19, 2022 |

Describing the many benefits of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) might come across as peddled optimism, especially if you are an HSP. Perhaps people have repeatedly told you you’re “so emotional,” “can’t take a joke,” or are just “tooo darn sensitive.”  As much as the judgmental lack of understanding stings, you’re not alone. Many…

A photo of a hand with multicolored sprinkles on each tip, representing someone who understands recovery from binge eating disorder

What Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Looks Like

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 14, 2022 |

Relationships are mysterious things. Even the obvious ones that define our commitments and priorities can be enigmatic. But there are relationships we often don’t recognize as “relationships,” despite their behavioral influence in our lives. Money, work, food, to name a few – they are all reflective messages of often confined emotions. Binge eating, for example,…

A headless photo of a woman holding a pocket book and dressed in a long coat, as if she is going to reveal how to improve body image

How To Improve Your Body Image

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 13, 2022 |

She wiggles and giggles and waves and kicks, catching fingers and toes for chewing as they pass her angelic face. She delights in the perfection of herself and the perfection of being alive. There is nothing to improve. “Body image,” in the purity of her infancy, isn’t something to be learned, let alone grappled with…

A photo of a plant, suggesting the answer to why am I so sensitive is because of the many delicate layers you have

Ask The Psychologist: “Why Am I So Sensitive?”

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 5, 2022 |

This world can be a cruel place for sensitive souls. It seems to struggle with its ability to balance progress with presence. And those who suffer the most are often those with the innate gifts capable of giving meaning to progress. To feel, to process, to act upon the call of compassion take time. And…

A pug in a yellow jacket and the legs of a owman in boots may suggest she is wondering when to consider counseling for depression and anxiety

How To Know When You Need Counseling For Depression And Anxiety

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 1, 2022 |

Feeling overwhelmed by life – unable to keep up, let alone meet society’s expectations for spirited ambition and perpetual “on-ness” – can be maddening, deflating, isolating. And, if you find yourself paralyzed by anxiety or slowly sinking under the weight of depression, you may begin to feel downright hopeless. You may be tempted to tough…

A group of 5 teenagers looking at their cell phones, possibly good candidates for improving body image

6 Strategies For Improving Body Image

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 19, 2021 |

The reflection you see in the mirror may seem straightforward for a quick passing. “Good hair day,” “bad hair day,” “looking good,” “just not feeling it.” But, in truth, what you see is more than visual. It’s deeper and more complex than that. Your “acceptance” or “rejection” of a moment’s reflection in a mirror is…

a woman appearing angry with fists tensed and her body jumping, seemingly displaying physical effects of anxiety and depression

7 Physical Effects Of Anxiety And Depression

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 14, 2021 |

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas; but, when it comes to anxiety and depression, there are no “secrets.” Despite their mental origins, they have far-reaching effects on the body. The physical effects of anxiety and depression provide strong evidence that your mind and body are always in communication with one another. (It may…

the naked torso of a woman demonstrates possible signs and symptoms of eating disorders

40 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Eating Disorders

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 14, 2021 |

Common signs and symptoms of eating disorders can be tough to recognize. They’re sneaky, subtle, and often socially accepted.  Distinguishing between what’s “normal” and what’s indicative or symptomatic of a disorder is difficult. Thanks a lot, Diet Culture. (Trigger warning.) Eating disorders involve so much more than food. They’re not about vanity or attention-seeking. Eating…

Image of a trans woman in bed with a dog, appearing as if she is depressed and anxious and not working.

What To Do When You Can’t Work Due To Anxiety And Depression

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 11, 2021 |

It’s a noble aspiration – a Scarlett O’Hara, “As God is my witness!,” fist-raised-to-Heaven determination – this whole notion of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” “Push on!” “Get over it!” “Do whatever it takes!” And on and on the merciless cheerleading goes. But what happens when you can’t work due to anxiety and depression?…

a child with a camera, representing the importance of parents being familiar with body image in the media

3 Articles About Body Image In The Media That Every Parent Should Read

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 11, 2021 |

Whatever your child’s age or gender, body image is a topic that belongs in your daily teaching and communication. If body image is a sensitive or confusing topic for you as an adult, imagine how it can impact a child’s impressionable mind. Information about body image in the media will help you become more comfortable…

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