A photo of a woman folding clothes, with only her arms visible.

How Do I Know If I Have An Eating Disorder?

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | May 30, 2021 |

There are lots of signs of an eating disorder, yet how to know if you have one can be tricky. One of the main reasons you may not know if you have an eating disorder is due to Diet Culture. More about that in a moment. How to know for sure if you have an…

The back of a woman, who is sitting on a grassy hill overlooking a body of water

9 Steps For Overcoming Body Image Issues

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | May 6, 2021 |

How often do you control, starve, punish, speak harshly to your body? Or about your body? Overcoming body image issues is challenging for most women, and, most women have them. It just seems to go along with being a woman. (And, increasingly, a man.) The mean things you may do and say about your body…

A woman facing a waterfall surrounded by woods, appearing to reflect.

4 Things Most People Don’t Know About Being A Highly Sensitive Person

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | April 7, 2021 |

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is used to hearing “you’re too sensitive”. If you’ve been told this, you’re probably aware of experiencing things more intensely than other people do. And of reacting more strongly to everyday things in life that others don’t even see, hear, feel, or notice. Non-HSPs may feel annoyed or confused by…

A Mary Oliver quote is an example of an inspirational body image quote to help you love your body

21 Inspirational Body Image Quotes To Help You Love Your Body More

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | April 4, 2021 |

Some days, inspirational body image quotes may help you love your body more. Other days, body image quotes may seem feeble. Regardless, every single person deserves to feel at least neutral and safe in their body. That’s your birthright. Before you read inspirational body image quotes, nonjudgmentally notice how you feel. Especially about and in…

A photo of a woman seated at a table alone, eating soup, reading a book that she is holding in one hand and that is blocking her face.

What’s the REAL Relationship Between Anxiety and Eating Disorders?

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 18, 2021 |

Anxiety and Eating Disorders often co-occur. Anxiety can begin before an Eating Disorder, around the same time, or after the onset of an Eating Disorder. This chronology has led many to wonder about the real relationship between anxiety and Eating Disorders. So, let’s unpack this. First, anxiety. Think of anxiety as on a continuum. On…

A photo of sunflowers and a colorful sky represent the benefits of finding the right treatment for anxiety and depression

How To Determine Your Best Treatment For Anxiety And Depression

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 7, 2021 |

Anxiety and Depression are common and treatable. But how do you determine your best treatment for anxiety and depression? It is definitely not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. And, there is no reliable blood test. (But, there will be one day soon.) At least initially, anxiety and depression often present as physical ailments rather than…

A photo from the chest up of an attractive woman with red lipstick and a bikini top laying n in water with a seductive expression.

How Does Media Affect Body Image Negatively?

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 7, 2021 |

Have you ever wondered how media affects body image negatively? Consider the following scenario: You’re waiting in line at the grocery store and wonder what’s going on in the world of social media. You decide to scroll through Instagram. Or maybe you browse on Pinterest or Facebook. Innocent enough, right? Seems like no big deal.…

A whimsical painting of a woman's face, surrounding by koi fish, as if underwater and swimming with them

3 Reasons Poor Body Image And Eating Disorders Go Hand-In-Hand

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 7, 2021 |

Not everyone with an eating disorder has poor body image, and not everyone with poor body image has an eating disorder. However, poor body image and eating disorders often do go hand in hand. Let’s start by defining body image. Body image is the relationship you have with your own body. As with most relationships,…

The image of a woman jumping for joy on a beach, representing a Highly Sensitive Person thriving

How To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 7, 2021 |

Learning how to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) makes a world of difference. And a difference in the world. Sounds cheesy but is true. A Highly Sensitive Person scores high in Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS), a genetic trait associated with perceiving things up to ten times more intensely than other people. Research suggests 15% or…

A drawing of a young woman with a globe she is leaning on has an expression of concern.

Are Eating Disorders A Mental Illness?

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 3, 2021 |

Eating Disorders are a diagnosable mental illness. So says the Bible for diagnosing psychiatric illnesses, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Published by the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM includes hundreds of mental health disorders categorized by symptoms, for both adults and children. Updated every few years, the current version is DSMV. Eating Disorders have…

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