What is Body Image?

We all have a body. The relationship we have with our body is called body image.

Body image includes:

  • Thoughts and feelings about our body
  • Self perception of our own size and shape
  • Behaviors we engage in or avoid because of our relationship with our body

“Normative discontent” is the phrase used to describe how girls and women (and increasingly, boys and men) feel about their body, mostly due to  societal pressures to conform to what for most of us (as in about 98%)  is an unrealistic ideal.

Like fish who do not know they are wet, we often don't recognize that we live in Diet Culture.

And that is the problem.

Your body is not the problem.

Cognitive behavior therapy, along with other treatment I individually design and tailor to help people feel comfortable in their body, is an effective way to improve all aspects of body image.

Feeling happier in your body is associated with better self esteem, improved relationships, and more happiness. You don't have to love your body (although that would be wonderful!) to reap the benefits of embodiment. Body neutrality is in and of itself a worthy goal.

Your birthright is to feel at home in your body.

All bodies are good bodies.