Overcoming Body Image Issues

A Renaissance painting of a nude woman illustrates the idealized body of that time, suggesting that the ideal is always changing and making it difficult for anyone to actually achieve.

How To Break Free From Idolizing An Ideal Body Image

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 25, 2020 |

Most of us judge people by their appearance. And more specifically, by their weight. Weight stigma, weight bias, and weight discrimination are real. Even though we know we shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover”, we often do. Judgments can be so automatic that breaking free from idolizing body image ideals is challenging. Or maybe…

A golden retriever puppy with a serious expression, as if she is wondering why you would have negative body image

The 10 Most Surprising Effects Of Negative Body Image

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 8, 2020 |

Negative body image has some surprising effects. My definition of “body image” is the relationship you have with your body. Yes, relationship. The relationship I’m talking about includes your thoughts and feelings about your body, your perception of its size and shape, and behaviors you engage in or avoid as a result of this relationship.…

A woman's legs are dangling from a red hammock and is thinking about how to know if body image therapy is right for you

How To Know If Body Image Therapy Is Right For You?

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | November 11, 2020 |

If  you have a problem with your shoulder, heart, or other body part, you probably seek medical care. Or at least know you could or should. But what if the problem is your body image, i.e. your relationship with your body? How do you know if body image therapy is right for you? Body Image…

5 Subtle Signs you Have Poor Body Image

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | September 7, 2020 |

In a perfect world, poor body image would not exist. An article about subtle signs you have poor body image would be silly. Or at least of little interest. The world we live in is not perfect. (Newsflash, right?) Historically, there have always been people (mostly women) dissatisfied with their body.  And, cultural definitions of the…

How Your Negative Body Image Is Hurting Your Sex Life

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | March 7, 2020 |

Experts suggest you “embrace your Inner Sex Goddess” as if it were an easy thing to do. Even if you are well aware your negative body image is hurting your sex life, there is no on or off switch to change how you feel. Especially if all you can think about is how “disgusting” your…

Wabi-sabi: Beauty of Imperfection

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 31, 2020 |

Is Wabi-sabi the same as Wasabi, the horseradishy condiment? Nope! Wabi-sabi is an ancient Asian philosophy centered on simplicity. It focuses on acceptance of life as is. It celebrates the beauty of things that are imperfect, temporary, and incomplete. It finds beauty in things that are modest and humble and unconventional. It is present-oriented. It…

From Om to OH!

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | April 6, 2016 |

Chant to come? Yoga is not just for the svelte, green tea-drinking, virtuous types. We can all benefit from down dogging it, even from the comfort of a chair. Chair yoga is a real thing. As a famous yoga master said, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga”. The whole purpose of yoga is…

Thank you, Body

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 17, 2015 |

Feel the soothing breeze? See the gorgeous blue sky and billowy clouds? Smell the delish salty air? Can you just about taste it? Hear the sound of the sea? ​If you said yes to any of these, thank your body!

Revolution Time!

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | July 30, 2014 |

58 Reasons to Feel Good about Your Body (At Any Size!) Start a Revolution: Stop Hating Your Body! ​​— By Ellen G. Goldman, Health and Wellness Coach​​ I am re-posting this excellent idea! One particularly hot September afternoon when my daughter was in the fourth grade, she invited a few friends to enjoy an after-school swim in our…

The skin you are in

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | June 15, 2014 |

What have you done to honor your body today? Assignment: Find a body lotion that you love. Maybe you love the scent of the lotion. Maybe you love the way it absorbs into your skin. Or, maybe, just maybe, the tactile connection between your own hand and your skin feels like a friendship.Or a romance…. Or…

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