Overcoming Disordered Eating

7 Reasons There Is A Prevalence Of Eating Disorders Among HSPs

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | September 1, 2022 |

Eating disorders are equal-opportunity destroyers. Their sufferers develop them for many different reasons. Risk factors from psychology, biology, and genetics combine with culture to create a perfect storm. And wow, what a storm it is, especially for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). Understanding the reasons behind the prevalence of eating disorders among HSPs comes down to…

a black and white photo of a woman with onely one side of her body shown, and partially at that. She is an example of how to know if inpatient care for eating disorders is needed.

How To Know When Eating Disorder Inpatient Treatment Is Required

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | July 18, 2022 |

More often than you might think, people with eating disorders don’t recognize or acknowledge they have a problem. They may be full-blown into eating disorder behaviors while turning a blind eye to how severely ill they are. . Getting treatment for an eating disorder, therefore, can be difficult. And recognizing when eating disorder inpatient treatment…

A girls face, laying on a watermelon that is among other melons She looks as if she may have an eating disorder and be suffering from the effects.

3 Major Consequences Of Untreated Eating Disorders & The Delusion that Leads To Them

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | February 13, 2022 |

The very real consequences of eating disorders– especially if left untreated — wreak havoc with body, mind, and spirit. Messages involving false promises bombard us. The essence of the messages is that dieting and exercise will let you live longer and be happier. For people with an eating disorder, the message is reconfigured and taken…

A photo of a girl with her hands covering her face, as she is laying down, representing signs of a eating disorder a parent should identify

The Big 5 Early Signs Of An Eating Disorder And The Many Ways They Show Up. A Must-Read For Every Parent!

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 22, 2022 |

Eating disorders are insidious. They hide behind social media, dating, fitness-conscious workouts, and bathroom doors. By the time parents catch on, the challenge of catching up can be overwhelming…and consequential. It’s therefore important – imperative, really – that all parents become educated about the early signs of an eating disorder.  Indicators of eating disorders are…

A photo of a hand with multicolored sprinkles on each tip, representing someone who understands recovery from binge eating disorder

What Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Looks Like

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | January 14, 2022 |

Relationships are mysterious things. Even the obvious ones that define our commitments and priorities can be enigmatic. But there are relationships we often don’t recognize as “relationships,” despite their behavioral influence in our lives. Money, work, food, to name a few – they are all reflective messages of often confined emotions. Binge eating, for example,…

the naked torso of a woman demonstrates possible signs and symptoms of eating disorders

40 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Eating Disorders

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | December 14, 2021 |

Common signs and symptoms of eating disorders can be tough to recognize. They’re sneaky, subtle, and often socially accepted.  Distinguishing between what’s “normal” and what’s indicative or symptomatic of a disorder is difficult. Thanks a lot, Diet Culture. (Trigger warning.) Eating disorders involve so much more than food. They’re not about vanity or attention-seeking. Eating…

How To Help A Friend With An Eating Disorder

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | November 28, 2021 |

Knowing how to help a friend with an eating disorder can be tricky. If you’re reading this article, you probably have a friend you suspect has an eating disorder. And you want to help but don’t know how to. You’re especially concerned that anything you say could make things worse. Perhaps one reason you want…

How To Recognize If You Might Have An Emotional Eating Disorder

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | October 30, 2021 |

There is a lot to unpack on the topic of how to recognize if you might have an emotional eating disorder. “If you’ve never eaten while crying you don’t know what life tastes like.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Here are three facts, for starters: 1. Food is comforting, and that is ok. 2. All…

An image showing how stress can cause depression and eating disorders

4 Things To Know About How Stress Can Cause Eating Disorders And Depression

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | October 3, 2021 |

One reason stress gets a bad rap is that it can trigger physical and mental health problems, including eating disorders and depression. Knowing how stress can “cause” eating disorders and depression may help prevent you or someone you love from suffering. To be clear, stress is not always a bad thing. Think about all those…

Two women are seated, one with a stethoscope, appearing as if she may be explaining different treatment options for eating disorders

5 Things You Need To Know About Treatment Options For Eating Disorders

By Dr. Elayne Daniels | September 9, 2021 |

Looking into treatment options for eating disorders for yourself or someone you love can be overwhelming. Even knowing where to start is challenging. In fact, a recent Google search for “treatment options for eating disorders” yielded 11,800,000 results. You read that correctly – over 11 million results. As hard as it has been for you…

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