My Approach

I individually tailor interventions and work collaboratively to help navigate through the inevitable challenges of life we all face. The treatment incorporates empirically based approaches with humor, homework, readings, and other techniques.

My caseload includes teenagers and adults, male and female, with problems with body image, eating, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and/or other coping challenges. I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher with specialized training to incorporate yoga in treating eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, depression, trauma, and anxiety. I at times include techniques from Energy Psychology into my practice too. I believe that becoming more embodied – learning to feel comfortable in your own body – is central to feeling good about yourself. To me, the mind and body are totally connected, and to be healthy we must be in tune with ourselves.

​One area of specialty includes eating, weight, and body image issues. Helping people resolve problems with their sexual functioning is my other specialty. I also work with people who have been through trauma, and/or those who are having general difficulties managing stress, relationships, or self-care.

​An area of ongoing interest is called ‘positive psychology’, which refers to helping people become happier. There is actually a science of happiness! In positive psychology-based therapy, the emphasis is on strengthening qualities like resilience, optimism, and joy. The focus is on strengths and virtues, not on problems and deficits. Learning about this emerging field is fascinating and has an awesome real-world, everyday application.

My patients tell me they enjoy and appreciate my unique office setting, style, and psychotherapy approach. Please contact me by phone or email to learn more about working together.